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At Hatfield Academy we understand how important Maths skills are in everyday life; therefore our Curriculum is based on the Mastery Maths approach. We want our pupils to develop their deep, structural knowledge and be able to make connections between subject areas. Making connections in Mathematics solidifies knowledge of concepts and procedures; ensuring that what is learnt is sustained over time and cuts down the time required to master later concepts and techniques.

EYFS, Y1 and Y2 pupils have an opportunity to develop their basic skills throughout morning activities using Numicon. Giving them time to practice numbers up to 20, they will become more confident and secure with their basic skills – providing a firm foundation to facilitate the learning of other Maths skills in the future.

Pupils from Y2 – Y6 enjoy Rock Star Times Tables. This involves doing times tables tests to rock music every morning and has been really successful in improving times tables knowledge for our children – something which is used in all areas of maths. Also, each term there will be a Rock Star Competition where pupils will compete against each other to find the Times Table Rock God for each year group, each phase and to crown the Ultimate Rock God of Hatfield.

Furthermore, pupils from Y3 – Y6 will develop their understanding of the four main operations through Arithmetic tests, which will they do weekly. This will help them to overcome any barriers they have when facing a test scenario and will improve their confidence. There will be a Ninja Numeracy competition each term where pupils will compete against each other to find out who is the Ninja of Numeracy at Hatfield.

In addition, pupils from Y4 – Y6 will also be practicing their mental Maths skills weekly, when solving Mental Maths tests. This is another way to give pupils the foundation for more complex Maths.

Finally, at Hatfield, we want to celebrate our pupils’ progress and to do that we will have Mastery Challenges every week. It is a great opportunity for pupils to show how much they have learnt and it is a chance for parents to get involved too. We believe that this will prove an effective platform for all of us to celebrate our pupil’s achievements together.

Please, see the documents below for an overview of our Maths curriculum for years 1-6 and associated policies for calculation.

pdf_icon Maths Overview

doc_icon Calculation Policy

doc_icon Numicon Calculation Policy

Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year