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PSQM-Lge_GOLD MASTERScience at Hatfield Academy.

Science is considered a real strength at Hatfield. We teach science discreetly every week from Year 1 to Year 6. Every class is encouraged to have an element of working scientifically in every lesson and have an investigation on a fortnightly basis.

PSQM award press statement

School Awarded Primary Science Quality Mark


“We are over the moon to receive such an award which shows the hard work and dedication of all staff at Hatfield in the area of science. We have been on a significant journey in regards to all of subjects. In June 2015 OFSTED stated that; The curriculum fails to meet the needs of pupils. Science is not taught to all pupils and standards reached in this subject are low. Assessment of pupils’ learning in science is inadequate. Several subjects, including English and science, lack a named teacher to provide much-needed leadership to improve teaching in these subjects. We have also had a recent inspection by our school improvement partner whom stated that “science was exceptional” Mrs Cutts, Science Lead and Assistant Head at Hatfield.

“ Our Ofsted report in 2015 commented that Science was not strong, and the provision was weak. We are delighted to be recognised for the transformation that has taken place in such a short space of time benefitting all pupils at Hatfield” Ms. Blencowe, Headteacher at Hatfield Academy.


Through PSQM we have raised the profile of science significantly within our academy, we now have children excited to take part in investigations and think like a scientist, we encourage children to aspire to be life-long learners which starts now.

Please take a look at our Science Scheme of Work.

doc_icon Hatfield Academy Science scheme of work 2017

Below are some examples of the exciting science happening at Hatfield.


We also have an hour for STEM where we have a range of visitors and partnerships in place to extend aspirations and encourage children to become scientists, engineers, mathematicians and have a greater understanding of technology around them.

Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year