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Letters Home

Please find below a list of letters which have been sent home.

Date of Letter Title of Letter Year group
November 22nd 2017
Online Safety Whole School
November 22nd 2017
Interim Head Whole School
November 14th 2017
Christmas Henna Design Hatch
November 14th 2017
Stem Sessions Hatch
November 14th 2017
Christmas Fair Hatch
November 14th 2017
Friends Of Hatfield Hatch
November 14th 2017
Director Of Inclusion Whole School
November 13th 2017
Spotacular Dress Up Day Whole School
November 13th 2017
World Kindness Day whole School
November 09th 2017
Saturday Stem Hatch
September 21st 2017
Jeans for Genes Whole School
September 13th 2017
Welcome back Y1
September 7th 2017
Roald Dahl Day Whole School
July 21st 2017
Visits Letter Y3, Y4, Y5
July 20th 2017
Swimming Y3 going to y4
July 20th 2017
Uniform Update KS 2
July 14th 2017
Chinese Summer School Cancelled Whole School
July 11th 2017
Music Performance KS 2
July 04th 2017
Mandarin Y6
June 29th 2017
Tea Towels Whole School
June 23rd 2017
New School Year

Organisational Structure

Whole School
June 21st 2017
Maths Challenge Whole School
June 16th 2017
Swimming Whole School
June 16th 2017
ParentPay Whole School
June 16th 2017
Summer Fair Cancelled Whole School
June 8th 2017
School Lunch Menu Whole School
May 26th 2017
Real Junk Food Whole School
May 26th 2017
Year 5 Transition to year 6 Y5
May 26th 2017
Year 2 Leeds Y2 Leeds
May 25th 2017
Head Lice Whole School
May 22nd 2017
Healthy Eating Whole School
May 19th 2017
Class Assembly Y2
May 15th 2017
Paula Smith HATCH Whole School
May 8th 2017
Mr Kirk Y4
May 5th 2017
Y5 Transition to Y6 Y5
May 5th 2017
Fidget Spinners Whole School
May 5th 2017
Sats and Thornbridge Y6
April 7th 2017
Healthy Eating Whole School
April 5th 2017
Reading Matters KS 1
March 2017
March Questionnaire Whole School
March 1st 2017
Sisterhood Y6
March 1st 2017
World Book Day Whole School
March 6th 2017
Tree Planting Whole School
March 20th 2017
Family Yoga Whole School
March 20th 2017
Comic Relief Whole School
March 24th 2017
Non Uniform Whole School
March 27th 2017
Healthy Eating Whole School
March 30th 2017
Milk Whole School
1st April 2017
Library Visit Y3 and Y4
3rd April 2017
Going Paperless (Letters online) Whole School
4th April 2017
Social Cafe Whole School

Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year