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Online Safety

The Hatfield Academy endeavours to provide the necessary safeguards to help ensure that everything that could reasonably be expected to manage and reduce these risks. The online safety policy that follows explains how we intend to do this, while also addressing wider educational issues in order to help young people, their parents / carers and all staff to be responsible users and stay safe while using the internet and other communications technologies for educational and personal use.

  • This policy applies to all members of the school community (including staff, students / pupils, volunteers, parents / carers, work placement students, visitors, community users) who have access to and are users of school ICT systems, both in and out of school.
  • The Education and Inspections Act 2006 empowers Headteachers, to such extent as is reasonable, to regulate the behaviour of students / pupils when they are off the school site and empowers members of staff to impose disciplinary penalties for inappropriate behaviour. This applies to incidents of cyber-bullying, or other e-safeguarding incidents covered by this policy, which may take place out of school, but is linked to membership of the school.
  • The Education Act 2011 gives the school the power to confiscate the contents of any mobile device if the Headteacher believes it contains any illegal content or material that could be used to bully or harass others
  • The school will identify within this policy and in the associated behaviour and anti-bullying policies, how incidents will be managed and will, where known, inform parents / carers of incidents of inappropriate online safety behaviour that take place out of school.

Read our Online Safety Policy doc_iconhere

Hatfield Academy have organised an Online Safety Working Party Group to share best practice with other primary schools within the Astrea Academy Trust.  These groups are held on a regular basis to ensure that we are moving forward with online safety and to make it one of the priorities within school.

Pupils will be learning this term about keeping safe online. On activities and lessons will be done using the website: The website covers everything that the children need to be aware of such as: mobile phones, gaming, cyber bullying, social networking and more.

There are different lessons/information for age groups 5-7 and 8-10 years. There is also a parents/carers section and an education section. The website is easy to follow and has some good activities for the children to do.

There are also ICT lessons held weekly where online safety is re-iterated to the pupils.

Regular surveys are carried out with our pupils to measure their knowledge of online safety with questions to check their understanding such as:

  • Do you know what personal details are?
  • What do you do if you see something you don’t like online?
  • What is a cyber-bully

You can find more information on how you and your children can stay safe online below.


Click the link below to  report online safety concerns to CEOP

CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection)

Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year