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Our topic for the Spring 1 half term is Animals from around the World.

We are starting our journey around the World in Africa where we will be exploring African animals and The Lion King.

Here are some of the activities we got up to last week before the snow fall.



















Magic Maths
We have started learning how to double a number and this week we will continue to explore doubling and halving.


Our sounds of the week for 05.03.18 will be ..

ear   as in beard or tear

air    as in chair or pair

What other words can you find together that have these sounds?


Remember to send us some pictures of activities or homework you’ve been doing at home to our email and we can talk about them with the children and share them with the rest of the class.




Monday 5th December – Reception down at the Farm!

Reception traveled to Matlock farm to see the different types of animals that live on a farm, how they are fed and what they look like in real life.

We were greeted with a surprise as each class had the opportunity to dress up as a character from the Nativity play and we performed it with songs with the lovely staff from Matlock farm. Although it took a while for the children to find their singing voices so Miss Robinson ended up doing a solo!

At the end of the day we had time to go and visit Santa in his Grotto and play in the amazing sand pit and play area that was on the farm grounds.

We can highly recommend this trip and will definitely be going back next year.

Thank you to our parent volunteers who took time to join us on the trip as without you these trips could not go ahead 🙂



Phonics Activity.

Things you will need;

  • a box (shoe box, cereal box, any box)
  • objects that begin with the letter s, a, t

What to do;

  1. Remove one item from the box at a time and discuss with your child what it is.
  2. What sound does this object begin with?
  3. Sort the objects in to s objects, a objects and t objects

Extra Challenge!

Can you write the sound that the object begins with? This is to practise the s, a, t letter formation.

Wednesday 11th October

This week we have begun learning how to do addition in maths by counting two groups of objects. 

You could have a go at making an addition machine in your home to help your children practise their addition skills.

Image result for practical addition to 10


So far we have learnt the sounds;

s  a  t  p  i  n  m  g  o  c  ck  e  u  r 

and these tricky words;

the      I      no     go      to 

Please support your children by practising these at home. Keep checking our class page for updates as I will put some exciting activities on for you to do!


Roald Dahl Day – 13th September

For Roald Dahl day we dressed up as some of our favourite characters from Roald Dahl stories we have been read. We took part in lots of Roald Dahl activities throughout the day.

Mrs Reading entered a competition on twitter and won us some new books! Well done Mrs Reading!

Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year