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Foundation Stage

Down in our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) team there is Miss Reading, Miss Robinson, Mrs Parker and Miss Bell.

Reception Goes to the Farm!

This term both reception classes went on a visit to Cannon Hall Farm. It was a great way to learn about our environment, the animals that live on a farm, how we get our food, and about the special job a farmer does. Farmer Kate and Farmer Tracey showed us so many incredible animals, we even saw some Meerkats! We got the chance to see two dairy cows being milked in the barn! They filled two big glass jars with milk to sell to the shops. It was such fun getting to pet some of the small animals and learn about their behaviour. We had a good laugh at the pigs having an afternoon roll in the mud. Just our luck, some piglets had been born 3 days before we arrived! We got to look at 3 different groups of piglets at different stages in their lives during feeding time. The 3 day old piglets were so little and wrinkly! We got the chance to use our describing words to write some information about the animals. The baby lambs had soft, white coats while the chickens had silky, ginger feathers. We were chatting for days about all the fun we had at the farm!








Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year