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Year 1

Spring term 2017

The teachers in Year 1 are Miss Whiting and Miss Burton. This term is going to be exciting as ever below gives you an insight into what our Year 1 children will be learning about.

Maths: In maths we continue to follow a scheme of work which looks at different concepts each day.

Monday: Arithmetic- looking at fractions this term and working on our addition and subtraction using number lines and written methods.

Tuesday: Geometry- we will continue to work on turns and positional language.

Wednesday: measurement- we will continue our work on measurement we have investigated length and are now moving onto volume and capacity finally we will move on to time.

Thursday: Arithmetic- We will be working on our written methods for multiplication and division.

Friday: we will be combining our skills from addition, subtraction, division and multiplication and will be using the written method to answer word problems.

English: In English we will be reading our classic text- Mr Wolf’s pancakes this term and will be using this as our stimulus. Once we have written character descriptions, setting descriptions and even diaries we will move to a non fiction approach. First we will be writing a non chronological report on wolves then we will have a go at making some pancakes and writing our own instructions.

Art: will be taught every 3 weeks. We will be focussing this half term on style in art and how style changes with mood and colours.

History: We will start by looking at the role of our Queen in today’s world. After this we will start to look at previous monarchs. We will focus our attention on King John and the Magna Carta. We will role-play being this nasty king and will even have a go at making our own Magna Cartas.

Geography: We will continue looking at the culture and geography of the 7 continents. We will focus on Antarctica and compare life there to life as we know it on the European continent.

Science: In science this term we will be looking at the environment and how to best care for it. We will examine pollution and the harmful effects on plants, animals and rivers.

RE and HEART: We will be looking at what makes us special and unique and how being different should be celebrated. We will also look at morals we can find from different religious beliefs.

STEM: In STEM we will be continuing our investigation and problem solving skills. We will be linking our maths especially with shape and try to make 3D skeleton shapes. We will also use it as a time to come up with some creative ways to help the damaging effects of littering.

As you can see this will be an extremely busy term, but if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to see Miss Whiting or Miss Burton and we will do our best to answer any questions.

Writing about the Stone Age.
Writing about the Stone Age.


Year 1 Diwali Display

Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year