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Year 4

Welcome to Spring Term 2 2017 in Year 4.

The teachers in Year 4 are Mrs Linley teaching in Y4 Plymouth and Mr Spindley teaching in Y4 Newcastle. This term is going to be exciting as ever below gives you an insight into what our Year 4 children will be learning about.

Maths: In maths we continue to follow a scheme of work which looks at different concepts each day.

Monday: Arithmetic- looking at calculation this term focusing on subtraction, multiplication and division moving onto using these to solve two-step word problems.

Tuesday: Geometry and measure – we will be looking closely at units of measure and their relationship. This will include distance, mass, volume and time. We will also be looking at co-ordinates and symmetry of shapes.

Wednesday: Data Handling. We are looking closely at different ways to present data and then interpreting it before using it to answer questions.

Thursday: Arithmetic- We will be looking at the four operations and how to apply them and in particular working on applying our knowledge to missing number problems.

Friday: Reasoning- We will be looking at strategies to solve mental maths problems.

English: In English, year 4 are working on a scheme which looks at a book and uses it as a stimulus for writing. This term we will be following Charlie Bucket on his rollercoaster of emotions as his life changes immeasurably, from finding the last golden ticket, to eventually taking control of Mr Wonka’s famous factory. We will use this text as a vehicle to learn about the history of chocolate, designing our own chocolate bar advert and writing poetry.

Art: will be taught every 3 weeks. We will be focussing this half term on embroidery and looking into creating a class tapestry using different types of stitching.

History: Our topic is focussed on the history of the Roman empire, in particularly how the city was founded and developed, how was governed and ran, and how different groups of the population were treated in different ways. We will be using information from different sources to help develop a clear understanding of how Rome became the power it did.

Geography: We will be looking in detail at the South East of England, identifying the counties around the capital and any famous landmarks associated with them. We will focus on London and its areas and attractions, looking at maps and using grid referencing to locate them precisely.

Science: In science this term we will be looking at sound and the ear. We will explore how sounds are made and heard and how they can be changed. We will look closely at the anatomy of the ear and identify how each part works together to allow the sound to be heard. .

RE and HEART: We will be examining symbols and religious expressions; how do people express their religions and spiritual ideas on pilgrimages.  Every other week we will also have a HEART session. These are designed to allow the children to discuss, debate and listen to a variety of thought provoking and sometimes controversial issues. These sessions will help to ready the children of Year 4 for life in modern Britain.

STEM: In STEM we will be continuing our investigation and problem solving skills. This term we have three exciting projects; Bloodhound, Lego and Kinnex and a farming challenge.


As you can see this will be an extremely busy term, but if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to see Mrs Linley or Mr Spindley and we will do our best to answer any questions.

Y4 Geography lesson
Y4 Geography lesson


Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year